Friday, February 7, 2014

Sennheiser Concept Store Opens @ Bangsar Shopping Centre KL

Sennheiser Concept Store
Location : Unit F133, First Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Times : 10am - 9pm

German Audio Specialist Sennheiser officially launched their concept store in Bangsar Shopping Centre on the 21st of January 2014. Dedicated to the pursuit of perfect sound, Sennheiser has always stood for the highest quality audio products across all areas of sound recording, transmission, and reproduction. In the last 7 decades, they have been followed closely by audiophiles and music industries experts alike.



As part of their store launch, Sennheiser showcased their latest award-winning lifestyle offering, The MOMENTUM series.

Specially developed for people who do not compromise on sound and design. Equipped with high-quality audio technology and finished with the finest materials, the MOMENTUM unites form and function like no other head-phones. One of the range showcased that day were the Momentum On-Ear.

One of their latest model, the MOMENTUM Ivory, was just launched globally two weeks prior to the concept shop launch and Malaysia is one of the first markets in the world to show-case the newest addition up close and in person. For more information on the MOMENTUM On-Ear click here
The 45-square metre store will offer customers the full range of headphones and earphones for both casual listener and serious audiophiles.

All the eager crowd testing out all the top quality earphones and headphones that Sennheiser has to offer

Local celebrities such as Jeremy Teo (Red FM DJ), Hunny Madu (Fly FM DJ) , Megan Tan (8TV Quickie host) were also invited at the launch and with a partnership with H&M, have created a visual representation of their personalities

Each of the mannequins seen above were created by a different celebrity according to their personality and taste. One of the celebrity, Reem Shahwa explained her choice of clothing from H&M, "I want a look that is sophisticated, but with an edge to make me stand out. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Pink gives a playful quality to my style whilst still being classy and fashionably appealing"


"Sennheiser boasts one of the widest ranges of headphones in the market which appeals to varying lifestyles. It's range includes travel, sports,home entertainment, street, audiophile and DJ lines. The new store is part of Sennheiser's broader strategy of providing an experiential showcase to consumers and to also expand its brand across asia"

All the different in-ear earphones and headphones (otherwise known as cans to audiophiles) available for consumers to try out

The girlfriend trying out one of the headphones

DSC03083 DSC03074
The HDVD 800 digital headphone amplifier. Released just barely a year ago in the US. Considered one of their flagship amps. I would love to take a listen to some of my favorite tunes on this baby.

Found something quirky, the world's first "open aire" on-ear headphone. The HD 414 50th anniversary edition. This particular headphone design were originally made in 1968 and considered a game changer as back in the day hi-fi headphones were still big and bulky,closed-back designs.

For more information on Sennheiser products or any inquiries do head on to their Facebook page at :


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Did you try that momentum? Is it comfortable on the ears for long hours? Won't make your ears feel too hot?

Ryan Mo said...

@Kelvin :) look out for the next post

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