Saturday, February 8, 2014

ESCAPE ROOM Promotion with Samsung Galaxy Life


Just before the Chinese New Year started a whole bunch of us headed to the Escape Room at The Curve. I've heard much about the Escape Room but wasn't exactly sure what to expect of it. If it wasn't for The Samsung Galaxy Life App, we wouldn't have experienced it

I first found out about Samsung Galaxy Life from the messaging app ChatOn via a shout out from Samsung itself and installed the app via Google's Play StoreSamsung Galaxy Life is an app that's exclusive only to Samsung Smartphone owners that offers exclusive deals, apps and premium content.

2014-02-05 17.14-tile

As I started exploring the app I found a lot of good deals from various categories as well as recommended premium apps I could try, there is a lot of interesting promotions already such as complimentary coffee with a cake order from Italiannies, and a Galaxy Lucky Box dip from BurgerLab. There's plenty of other promotions in there so I'd recommend that you take a look yourself if you're a Samsung Smartphone owner

2014-02-05 17.15-tile

So the offer that we used that day was a Buy 4 get 2 Free offer for the Escape Room, the redemption process was pretty easy and all I had to do was to open up the Galaxy Life app while we were there and click on the redeem button to generate a unique code to show to the reception in order to get our Buy 4 Get 2 Free offer. 

DSC03464 DSC03461
At the Escape Room itself, all the different type of  rooms that are available there can be seen by the movie-inspired poster themes.
If you like riddles and such, The Escape Room is totally the thing for you.

Many hours of youth were wasted trying to solve the escape rooms

As a kid who grew up with playing flash-based escape rooms on the internet such as Crimson Room, Viridian Room (Circa 2005) by Toshimitsu Takagi, it was like a literal translation of the flash-game. About 80% of the time we were scratching our heads trying to piece each of the clues together to get the answer to the next riddle, which ultimately end up failing as we only had 45 minutes to complete the room. Of course we had a call for help button that we could utilize but still we couldn't make it through 

Here are some teaser photos of our adventure.

Our consolation prize, a chance to take a group photo with losers plaque.

Of course the girls couldn't resist the plentiful props that were available at the end for some photo session. Looks like a master/slave relationship is brewing.

Well that was our experience with The Escape Room at E@Curve, so if you're a Samsung Smartphone owner and love a good riddle, do check out the Samsung Galaxy Life app today!

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