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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Unboxing and Review

The Momentum On-Ear Headphone. Showcased at the Sennheiser Concept Store launch just a few weeks back, which I wrote about over here (click me)

There's no doubt that the Momentum On-Ear Headphone is a stylish headphone but it also delivers high-quality sound performance. 

Not to be mistaken with the Momentum Headphone which is a slightly larger version of the On-Ear. The main difference is that the Momentum On-Ear is an open-back design and the Momentum being a closed back design

Just a week ago I was given a unit to review so here are my thoughts and observation on the Momentum On-Ear. I've paired the Sennheiser with my Samsung Galaxy S4 while running Spotify premium for non-stop ad-free music experience as well as for their high-quality audio which is only available to premium accounts.

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

Main Features
  • Groundbreaking technologies like open-type headphones, electrostatics, one way transducer or ring radiator driver
  • Equipped with Sennheiser's proprietary 18 Ohm transducers, which take technology from high-end heapdhone sector to ensure full stereo sound with every detail of breath and tone clearly audible
  • All models are complemented with a headphone and earpads finished in high-tech Alcantara sourced directly from Milan to complement Sennheiser's exquisite choice of materials
  • MOMENTUM On-Ear is available in pink, green, blue, ivory, red, brown and black - emerging trend for softer shades that promises to be a key look in fashion collections in the coming year.

Technical Data

Impedance : 18 Ω
Frequency response : 16–22,000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) : 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)
THD, total harmonic distortion : < 0.5% (1 kHz, 100 dB SPL)
Contact pressure approx. : 3.2 N
Ear coupling : Supra-aural
Cable length  : 1.4 m
Transducer principle : Dynamic, closed
Weight : 160 g (including remote)
Load rating : 200 mW


DSC03505 DSC03507 DSC03508
The un-boxing begins here. As expected you'll be able to find all the description and technical information around the box and even different languages describing the Momentum's feature.

Right out of the box you'll find a very nice hard carrying case enclosed in customized foam inserts to keep the contents of the box in place. I really like this carrying case as it feels sturdy and I wouldn't worry about the headphones getting flattened if I were to put it in my bag which is filled with all sorts of gadgets like portable chargers,kindle and others.

Upon unzipping the hard pouch you'll find another bonus, a 2nd carrying pouch that's made of soft materials instead, so you have the choice of 2 pouches depending on your preferences. Notice there's mesh pocket at the bottom for the extra cables or adapters you might want to have with you

Included with the Headphones are 2 standard 3.5mm headphone connectors. Both of them are 1.4 meter in length, one of them a normal headphone jack while the other is specially made for APPLE devices that has a multimedia remote that lets you control your music as well as take calls via shortcut commands on the remote. I've tried using it on my Android device but unfortunately none of the buttons worked except for the pause/play button, I only wished that Sennheiser would make it compatible with Android devices as well or sell an Android version of this. 

The cable with the remote built-in has also an L shaped design on one end of the jack for a low-profile look while it is plugged in to your device.

Another small detail I really like with the Momentum on-ear is the small grooves around the end of the connector which goes into the headphone and enables it to lock in place with a small turn thus preventing the cable being yanked off by accident while moving about.

The Momentum On-Ear is no doubt sleek and stylish looking headphone, just by picking it up you'll find that the build quality is excellent. If you're worried about the headphone being too warm after long-usage, fret not as the MOMENTUM earcups are padded with Alcantara, a supersoft and breathable material normally used in luxury yacht upholsterers as well as high-end supercars

DSC03521 DSC03517
The side of the headphones are made from brushed stainless steel. The ear pads can be adjusted for better comfort levels.

DSC04845 DSC04846
The Left and Right side are labeled at the inner side of the headphones

The top of the headphone has a neat stitching finish along with more Alcantara finishing.

Due to the open-back design of the Momentum On-Ears, outside noises are still audible, which isn't a bad thing considering that you'll need to be able to hear your surrounding area to avoid any accidents. I've used the headphones while driving as well as during shopping and I've found that outside sounds can still be heard slightly while music is playing.

Sound Performance

While testing the headset I've listened to several different genres of music just to see which ones stood out, there are two tracks that stood out to me whilst wearing the headphone. The first one was "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. The vocals in the beginning leading up to the drum beat made the back of my hair stand, it was as though Kansas was playing next to me in a private concert. I've noticed that the Momentum On-Ear sounded lively and instruments sounded more natural. 

Another song that stood out during my listen was Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual" again right from the beginning I noticed the lively signature of the Momentum On-Ear every time the he claps in-tune to the song.

One downside is that I didn't really like how classical pieces sounded on the Momentum On-Ear as the piano notes sounded a tab bit flat. The strong points of this headphone is definitely it's vocal. The bass levels on other songs felt deep as well, though it won't reach the same ear pounding beats from a Sub Woofer

I'd like to point out that while playing songs at full blast, sounds tend to leak out even if you're wearing them on your ears, again this is probably due to it's open-back design.


If you're looking for a stylish headphone to go around with without compromising sound quality the Momentum On-Ear is definitely for you, though it's priced at a premium. This headphone excels on most genres especially EDM,Classical Rocks and Hip Hop due to it's low-bass performances and lively signature.

The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear retails for about RM829 and can be found at Sennheiser Concept Store @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

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