Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day & Chap Goh Mei Dinner Buffet @ Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Still have no idea where to bring your date tomorrow on Valentine's Day? Well why not make a reservation at Seasons Cafe at the Grand Seasons Hotel.

Address : Ground Floor, Grand Season Hotel Kuala Lumpur 72, Jalan Pahang 53000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact : 1-800-88-7288
Email :


In conjunction with this Chap Goh Mei and Valentine's DayGrand Seasons Hotel is offering a mix of mouth-watering culinary. Not only do they have a selection of tantalizing Chinese New Year buffet dishes, a few other dishes were especially prepared by their chefs for this special occasion.

The dishes and desserts specially made for Chap Goh Mei with all the fancy chinese decorations


The appetizer triplet is sure to leave you with a big appetite.

Smoked Salmon with caper

Chicken Ham with Konbu

Seafood Cocktail on glass

Yee Sang with Salmon
If you've yet to have any Yee Sang during the Chinese New year then this will be your chance! Though if you're dining with just your date I wouldn't recommend filling your stomach with only Yee Sang (unless you're here with the family for Chap Goh Mei then by all means!)

Gold ingots and coins were given tot us as well that day but all that glitter isn't always gold, it's actually chocolate

The Malay Cuisines

(From left to right)
Patelis Terung Seri Rampai, Rendang Lembu Tok Su, Curry Ayam Debal
The Rendang Tok Su was definitely one of the best Rendang I've had before. The beef  was tender and minimal effort required to chew. Definitely would recommend trying it.

Chicken & Beef Satay
The Satay tasted great in the sense that the meat was tender and juicy while the peanut sauce perfectly complimented it

Crispy Fish with Chef's signature sauce
The fish goes well with the sauce though I'm not really a fan of sweet and sour sauce. The fish was rather crispy but not overly fried.

Lamb Cutlets

The Pasta station
Didn't get a chance to try any of it as I was already full at that point

Sushi and fresh Seafood were available as well during the buffet session

Grilled Sliced Beef with condiments
I've always looked forward to sliced beef but unfortunately the beef was a tad bit too tough

(Left to right)
Traditional baked beggar chicken, Sawara Teriyaki (Pan Fried Tenggiri),Teo Chew Duck with Peanut

All the assorted desserts, your female companion would definitely enjoy a good dessert

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Deep-Fried Ning Ko
A favorite chinese new year dessert. Made by stacking 2 sliced yams pressing against the Ning ko paste and then deep fried. Think deep fried mars bar without any chocolate


This Chap Goh Mei and Valentine's Day Buffet line is available only in Seasons Cafe located at Ground Floor, on the 14th of February, For reservation kindly contact the hotel at 03-26978888 or email them at


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