Monday, March 3, 2014

26th Birthday, a childhood memory

Woah, I'm already 26 halfway there to hitting 30, but yet deep down inside I still feel I'm the same naive and quiet kid who cries over small matters. Hey we all have to put on a show for the world and to assert ourselves and never ever crawl back in the comforts of our own world no matter how badly we want to. I don't exactly remember how I got to this point from being a naive kid to a raging cynical asshole. I guess life's a comedian and we're the punchline.

Whenever I feel at my lowest, there's a memory that reminds me how far I've come. From a time when I'm still very young, probably 10 or so. It's funny how you can recall memories but not the exact details but only the ones that you hold dearly to. 

This early memory happened during one of the hot spells, near to midnight. I was sleeping next to my maternal grandmother at her place and having problem sleeping that night, so I woke my grandmother up and told her I couldn't sleep because of the heat. She started fanning me with the bamboo fan which she kept next to her bed whenever she's about to sleep, she didn't have an electrical fan in her room not because she couldn't afford one at the time but it's just her way of life, keeping it simple. I can still remember the little details, next where the bamboo fan hung was a music box with a string which she used to lull herself to sleep, the melody that played was 'are you sleeping' and it was decorated with a little pony at the sides.

It had became a ritual for us because more often than not whenever I'm over at her house for the weekend during schooling days I always had trouble sleeping by the other room by myself and couldn't stand having the lights off until I was much much older, I would always run to her room whenever I felt overwhelmed by my imaginations.

This particular night while she was fanning me, we started talking and one of things I've asked her was "Could they paint the sky quicker? I can't wait for morning to come", I still had no understanding on how the world revolves, and till today there's still so many things I've yet to comprehend, but I'm trying grandma. 

I've never taken much photos with her and this is the only picture I've had of her before she passed a few years back.

My grandmother's name is Lum Chan and she gave up her Canadian senior citizenship decades ago just to bring me and my brother up. Though she had almost zero education due to a complicated health issue, she managed to bring up my mother alone with no financial assistance from other family clan members, whom she adopted when she found her in a trashbin. Though her family was fairly wealthy back then, her decisions to adopt my mother was probably one of the factors why she didn't inherit anything from her parents. Though there was a moment when my grandmother's mom did leave her a huge sum of money after she passed away but my grandmother promptly gave it to her sisters in anger after hearing her sisters saying the only reason she got it was her disability.bygones.

Well storytime is over. Here is what I did for my birthday last week during my birthday week, I celebrated it a bit earlier because the actual date falls on a weekday.

The girlfriend asked me where I wanted to have birthday dinner so again I chose The Circus because I ordered the wrong dish last year so I had to make it right this time around.

This was the dish I wanted, Chicken Quasadilla. Last year I wrongly ordered the Chicken Fahitas thinking it was Quasadilla, i'm retarded sometimes.

After dinner we headed to The Roof where the friends are all waiting for

I really do appreciate it for taking the time out to celebrate my birthday. 

The Nachos there were awesome as usual.

My birthday cake, was honestly really surprised by this because I requested specifically not to have cake due to my growing tummy but hey it's a duck, how can I refuse ducks XP. Ended the night quite drunk because we had around 5 towers and a few shots, the girlfriend had to drive me home. 

The eve of my actual birthday, we headed to SS2 to this cafe at the corner because we didn't really know where to go for dinner. 

The face of a growing boy who's still growing sideways

On my actual birthday, this was what I walked into when I finished work, thanks girlfriend, you've turned my room into balloon land. 

She brought me to Jake's for dinner, never been to this place before but they have the best Steak!

My dish, the Wagyu Beef Rump, as rare as possible. initiate caps lock. THIS IS FAWSOME, THIS WAS THE BEST STEAK I HAD SO FAR. I WOULD TOTALLY COME HERE AGAIN NEXT BIRTHDAY AND TRY THE OTHER WAGYUS. THANKS. I'm salivating again looking at this picture. 

The girlfriend and me, I love you but sometimes we drive each other crazy from our quirks. Then again what's a relationship without the occasional chaos?

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