Saturday, March 1, 2014

Installing an On/Off switch to your Table Lamp [5 minute post] DIY

The GF bought me a table lamp a couple of weeks back but the problem with the lamp is the lack of on/off switch so I had to resort to turning it off at the mains everytime I went to bed, which of course defeats the purpose of having a table lamp so here's a 5 minute post I made to show your how to install a switch.

Things you'll need :

Wire Strippers / Blade / Scissors
Single Pole switch (Can be found at any electrical shop for less than 5 ringgit)

Pretty straightforward right? Let's begin.

1) Snip off the wiring of the lamp depending on the length where you want the switch to be, do turn off and unplug the power first.

2) Undress the wiring by carefully stripping the first protective layer, you'll find two wires inside, usually coded by a blue and a brown/red wire

Quick info : The blue wire is the neutral while the brown/red wire is called a live wire. The Live wire carries the electric to the lamp while the neutral wire routes excess / unused power from the lamp back to the power source.

3) Using the wire stripper or a blade, strip out the blue and brown/red wire which will reveal the coppers

4) Roll the coppers individually and then make a hook shape. 

5) Take out the cover of the Single Pole Switch, usually held in place by two screws as you can see above. Loosen the 4 screw terminals, this is where you'll need to put the coppers in.

 6) The exact wiring of the pole switch differs depending on the design but the rule of thumb is the brown/red wires go to the on/off portion of the terminal while the blue wire remains connected the entire time.  You can see the way I wired mine on top, the blue wire is connected to the terminal which just connects to the other side of the wiring.

7) Be sure to tighten the copper to the screw and don't let any of the coppers touch the other wire. After all the wiring is done simple just put the cover back on and test it out

Success :)

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