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Champagne Cocktail Tasting & Dinner @ Stratosphere The Roof


Dinner & Champagne Cocktail Tasting at The Roof
Venue : The Roof Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Contact : +603-77291628
Website :

I've been feeling rather burnt out lately from all the events and activities related to blogging so I decided to stop writing for a month or so (or rather slow down on churning out posts like clockwork) and just do something more enjoyable like making custom cut-outs for a board game that I have purchased recently by the name of Eldritch Horror. But after a short hiatus, I'm back here again in front of the computer.

So last weekend I and the girlfriend was invited over to The Roof again by an old friend to check out their latest offering. Which is a series of Champagne Cocktails available at Stratosphere section of The Roof.


A picture of us, notice how my tiger has a prominent 3D effect

Our first stop of the night was to Signature by The Hills (Which is also located at The Roof) for dinner. I've never tried their dinner menu before even though I've been to Signature a couple of times because the times while I was there it was either a buffet dinner or a special Somersby Breakfast

I noticed that they brought over their signature (no pun intended) watermelon vodka mix (Called the Watermelon Slush) from The Hill (Which was closed down I've heard) 

But instead of ordering that we got the Coconut Rum Cocktail instead :

Coconut Rum Cocktail
Very much enjoyed this drink, although the girlfriend thinks the alcohol content was a bit too much. Personally I found the balance between the sweetness and the alcohol to be just fine with neither taking over.


Spaghetti with Large Meatball
Ordered by the girlfriend, I loved it. The Meatball wasn't stiff nor dry but was loose and tasted good. The pasta was definitely one of the better ones I've had because of the savory marinara sauce.

Wagyu Ribeye
Served with sweet potatoes and veges, a must try dish if you're a steak lover.

Lamb Shank
The meat was tender and easily stripped from the bone. Loved the sauce too and the slight hint of rosemary

After we finished our dinner we finally headed over to Stratrosphere for the cocktail sessions. When we reached the open-air helipad, it turned out to be a rather calm night instead of a windy affair so it was just a little bit warmer than usual.

The whole point of the evening was to check out Stratosphere's newest offering. Their Signature Champagne Cocktails! So let's talk about it.

Stratosphere is currently offering 10 selections of Champagne Cocktails priced at only RM40 nett per glass :
1. Top of The World
2. High Altitudes
3. Royal Heights
4. Heavenly Peaches
5. High Time
6. Cosmic Strawberry
7. Citrus Paradise
8. Tropical Peak
9. Summer Skies
10. Sugar High

Our first champagne cocktail of the night. The Citrus Paradise. A mix of Cointreau and champagne balanced out with a citrus punch.

No. 7 Citrus Paradise

No.6 Cosmic Strawberry, No.10 Sugar High, No.2 High latitudes

Another shot of the champagne. I've avoided using flash in all of the champagne shots and resorted to using my smartphone's flash to get a different lighting angle

We couldn't try all of  the 10 drinks that night because it would be rude to get tipsy and drunk when you're an invite guests of an establishment so we settled for maybe 3 or 4 glass between me and the girlfriend.

We definitely enjoyed ourselves that night with the drinks as well as mingling and catching up with friends. As we were chatting among ourselves we suddenly noticed a special occasion. An actual proposal, being the good Samaritan I am (and not being able to stand them capturing the moments using their smartphones). I helped them capture the moment for eternity.

The happy couples who will soon be married. P.S. if you would like to have the photo at full resolution without the watermark do drop me an e-mail and I'll gladly send it over. You have my calling card (By the way it wasn't a bad photo, the guy just wouldn't give me a normal pose because I took 3 photos and they all looked alike, then again if it's the way he looks I'll apologize for being insensitive, or maybe my flash blinded him)

As well as a group photo for all the partners in crime in helping out the proposal

And that was how the weekend ended. I am starting to really love hanging out at The Roof

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LOL. WTH. People's marriage proposal and you snap the guy looking like a retard. LOL. Cover your flash a bit la.