Monday, April 21, 2014

Goku Raku Ramen @ Mid Valley food tasting ( 50% Promotion for Goku Raku Meatballs! )


Goku Raku Ramen Tasting Session
Venue : Goku Raku Ramen Mid Valley
Lot S025 & Lot S026, Level 2
Contact : 03–22018779
Website :

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of Ramen, or even much noodles in general. Call me a picky eater but I've never really liked soup based noodles except for a few select dishes at certain eateries (a seafood noodle place around Maluri and a pork noodle soup at SS15 from the top of my head). When I received an invite to their food tasting session I hesitated but remembered that the girlfriend loves Ramen so I gave in and went for it. So how did Goku Raku fair? Read on. Oh by the way, there will be a coupon in the middle of this post for you readers to get 50% off their Goku Raku Meatballs so DO READ ON

5 Star Aburi Char Siew  (RM25.90)
The restaurant's main dish. The 5 Star Aburi Char Siew , I asked the Japanese chef who prepared the dish what made his Ramen special compared to the many others that are available and his reply was that the noodles and the ingredients are prepared fresh and home-made everyday. Personally I did not find anything unique about this ramen, maybe because I never really enjoy Ramen in the first place

Shanghai Fried Ramen (RM13.90)
Didn't really enjoy this dish as well, due to the generous amount of vegetables.

Ebi Gyoza (RM10.90)

Goku Raku Ramen Meatballs (RM5 for 5, RM9 for 10, RM17 for 20)
Now this is something I enjoyed having that night, it's like the oriental cousin of the Swedish meatball from Ikea. Would definitely recommend that you try this dish out alone if you're ever there. To make this an even sweeter decision, you can print out the coupon below to get 50% off. Exclusively for you readers :). Promo runs till 31st of May 2014. Terms and conditions are stated on the coupon itself

Goku Raku Course Meal C (RM119.90)

We were also served an entire course meal by Goku Raku that night,though at that point my stomach was already reaching it's limit.

Tori Karaage Yu-Rin Sauce (RM12.90)
No, it's no urine sauce. It's YU-RIN

Siew Mai (Only available in Set)
If it wasn't for my full stomach I would have helped myself with more of this siew mais. What made this Siew Mai different from the ones I've had in ordinary Dim Sum places is there was a small trace of egg yolks with scramble-like texture below the shrimp.

Pork Loin Rei Shabu
Served cold and with a small helping of what looks like kewpie sesame sauce.

Crispy Shrimp Mayo (RM14.90)
A recommended dish, the toasted crispy prawn is served with a spicy mayo which enhanced the prawn's taste

For more complete photos during my Goku Raku Ramen tasting session head on over to

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