Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Samsung's NXmini Launch & Photo Marathon / Another Street Photography Session @ Petaling Street / Chinatown


It's been an eventful weekend last week. After the trip to The Roof the night before I had to wake up early and get to KL Central by 9:30am but it was well worth the sleep deprivation because it was the launch of the Samsung NXmini

Samsung NXMini Launch & Photo Marathon Challenge
Venue : Petaling Street / Pasar Seni

(This will not be a in-depth review of the NXmini, the in-depth review will be up in a later date)


The NXmini is Samsung's latest ultra slim and light camera with interchangeable lens. Weighing in at only 158 grams, the NXmini is definitely marketed towards those who like to take selfies because of it's emphasize on it's flip screen as well as a wink and smile function to snap photos without ever pressing the shutter button. As you may have noticed from the picture this little camera has NFC capabilities to make sharing pictures on your social media even easier and it's capable of producing pictures up to 20.5 Megapixels in resolution!

Another strong point of this camera is that it uses the same batteries as smartphones hence making it possible to shoot around 650 photos in a full charge (of course depending on it's settings/envinronment/etc)

What made this event different from the conventional launches is that instead of just showcasing the camera at a fancy hotel ballroom we were given the chance to test the units out ourselves in actual conditions in the form of a photography marathon session at Petaling Street! If you've followed my posts on my blog as well as Facebook you'll know that I've been doing that recently with a friend to Chow Kit (Click me!)  as well as Jalan Pasar (Click me!)

The camera we were given were fitted with the 9mm F3.5 lens.

So how did the camera fare? Did it meet expectations? Check out the shots :


The first picture taken. Using the selfie mode by winking to initiate shutter. Using programmed auto mode, though it's a little bit darker than what I normally go with. Of course this can be easily corrected depending on what your preferred photos.

Our first meet-up point was at Jeneris Cafe located at Nu-Central which is kind of a new mall (for me) located directly next to KL Central. After which we were whisked off to Pasar Seni via LRT, which kind of felt like a field trip since it's been 4 years or so since I last took the LRT.

For the Photo Marathon Challenge, my theme was People & Sights. Other themes included Gastronomic Delights & Historical Buildings. Most of the photos were taken using Aperture Priority mode with variable ISO which I adjusted according to the environment. If you'd like to see all the shutter speeds and apertures as well as other nifty settings check it out at my Flickr album over here(click me!) 

The prize at the end of the challenge awaiting us was a brand new NXmini. Which of course motivated all of us. So did I manage to win it? You will have to get to the very end of this post to find out =)

Arriving at Pasar Seni, a drink stall could be seen directly at the foot of the LRT station stairs.

Instead of following the others in a big group taking shots we broke off from them and decided to venture out on our own and went into a Chinese Temple. Because for me I feel more comfortable being incognito and pretend to be a tourist to get a more candid shots of people instead of making people wonder why there's a huge group of people holding the same camera with a camera crew chasing after them.

I took this shot due to the sunlight coming thru the ceiling as well as the smoke emitted by the burning incense.

I really like all the vivid details of the deity. Of course I did ask for it's permission via a kowtow.

This elderly gentleman was adjusting his FM radio, couldn't help snapping a photo of it, he ignored me all along the way

Offerings at the temple

Saw this elderly woman sitting outside the temple and took the shot. Kinda pitiful seeing them beg.

After getting enough shots we headed to Petaling Street to take more photos. That temple was pretty quiet for a Saturday morning.

The girlfriend posing with the NXmini

Chestnuts, really like the sharp details of the smoke and coal.

Snapped this candid photo of the kid while he was just passing by and not noticing me. I call this photo "Joys of Childhood"

A portrait of an Indian Gentlemen at the Indian Temple next to Petaling Street. Look how sharp the details are. Still not convinced? Check out the same photo magnified and cropped by 4 times :

Notice my silhouette.

After about an hour we all met up at the LRT station again and this time to KLCC for some Johnny Rockets

Well it's kinda fun seeing the workers sing and dance while we're waiting for our lunch.

By the time we finished our lunch the judges announced the winner of a brand new NXmini BUT unfortunately it wasn't me. But hey, it was a fun experience and a privilege to try out the NXmini in such a way.

So what do you think of the photos taken? Personally I felt that it would be nice if they added in a dial instead of 4 direction buttons so that it would be easier to manipulate the aperture and shutter speed for manual shots, though in normal circumstances their Aperture and Shutter Priority mode did get the job done most of the time as you can see.

One of the strong point with this camera is it's autofocus speed, focusing on any subjects in the viewfinder was lightning quick and for a camera of that size it's certainly one to consider when shopping for a camera at that price range.

The Samsung NXmini retails at RM1399 and comes with a 9mm F3.5 lens, which is the same one used in this post.

To see all the photos taken that day with this camera, do check out my FLICKR album over here (Click me!

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