Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FOBO MAX Wireless Tag Review & Unboxing

A year ago I wrote a short review on the Fobo Wireless Tag (Click me!) as you may have remember, the only downfall of it that time was that it was only compatible with Apple Iphones so I wasn't able to do a first-hand review on it's functions as I only had Android phones in my possession.

Well just last week I received an e-mail at the end of April with the news that they have released FoboMAX Wiress Tag, an upgraded version of the Fobo Wireless Tag that ALSO supports Samsung Android Phones with Bluetooth 4.0. The folks from Fobo Malaysia were nice enough to even courier the Fobo Max over to my office for this long overdue review.

For those who have never heard of the Fobo Wireless Tag. It's essetially a wireless tag that you can attach it to almost anything dear to you like a person, your car or even your laptop and with different profile settings be able to protect and find it back in-case you have misplaced it. 

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The Unboxing
Just like before, the Fobo Max Wireless Tag is packed into a very small & light packaging

A quick overview explanation the various features of the Fobo Tag. Though I'm not really sure why it's only compatible for Samsung based phones for now.

Unpacked you'll find the most important item in the box, the Fobo Max Wireless Tag.

The contents of the box, which offers the same items as their previous version. A Velcro Dock, Double Sided Tape and Keychain.

Using the FOBO Max Wireless Tag

You'll need to install the FoboTag2 app first which can be gotten from the Play Store on the Samsung Phone. After which you'll be asked to register an account with Fobo.

After logging in to the FoboTag 2 app you'll need to pair the Fobo Tag to your phone via scanning the Tag ID with your phone's camera. The process was completed without any hiccups on my end.

After the app recognizes your Fobo Tag, you'll be asked to name the object/person/vehicle you'll be assigning it to along with the options to snap a picture of it so you can easily identify it if you plan to get more than 1 Fobo Tags. Three profiles can be chosen currently. Belonging, Loved Ones, and Vehicles. Though I couldn't tell the difference between the Belonging & Loved One profile as both of them have the same functions. With the Vehicle profile, every time the phone gets disconnected with the Fobo Tag, you'll get a notification as well as an option to snap a picture of your vehicle to remind you where you have parked your car.

For this review I will be using my Yellow B Duck with the Velcro attachment with the Fobo Tag in it.

This uses the tilt sensors on the FOBO Tag. Whenever it senses any movement it will send you a notification that it is being moved or has been moved (If you're out of range)

What happens when I tilt the duck over to it's sides.

PromptMe is perfect for those who tend to leave your belongings behind whenever you're outside. Whenever you get out of range from the Fobo Tag, you'll get a notification :

When I tried this feature I couldn't get far away from it to trigger the Fobo Tag, but after checking the settings I found that there was a "Converage Distance" option in the settings which can be changed from Far to Near. So I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen and this messaged prompted out.

Perhaps my favorite function of the Fobo Tag. If you have misplaced your tagged object or even your person, the FindME feature lets you locate the tag easily and even makes the Fobo Tag Beep so you'll be able to find it easily.

The signal bar gets stronger and weaker to show you if you're getting further or nearer to your Fobo Tag.


SafeZone setting
The Fobo app also comes with an option to set a safezone so your tags won't go off whenever you're at home and you're going out of the house without the object/person.

SOS Helper
SOS helper is a feature in which you can assign helpers (Such as family & friends) who will get notified whenever you tap on the SOS button and it'll tell them your location with a 10 second sound snippet from your phone.


Perhaps one of the most promising feature of the Fobo Max Tag. Although I was not able to test out this feature because I don't have another Samsung Phone that has Bluetooth 4.0. But the idea of it is simply amazing (if you're really optimistic)

Imagine if your object/person/animal goes missing with the Fobo Max Tag and it's out of range from your Bluetooth. With WebSearchMe, other smartphone users with the Fobo App installed can help you find your missing object/person/animal. If they're within the vicinity of the tag, it's current location will be tagged with GPS coordinates and you'll receive a notification of it's last seen time & location.

To use WebSearchMe, you'll need to be out of range from the Fobo Tag first otherwise the options won't appear on your app.

Of course this feature will only be truly useful if Fobo is able to increase it's user base.

So interested in the Fobo Max Wireless Tag? You can purchase it from Fobo Malaysia's site at

The Fobo Max Wireless Tag retails at 59.90 USD. It's Waterproof up to a meter deep (IP57 certification) and can withstand up to 450kg of impact. It's battery life has a one year span and it's easily replaced at any watch shops (or even yourself) as it uses CR2450 batteries.

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