Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Afterthoughts on The Samsung NXmini. Stylish and Capable

After a few months of using the Samsung NX mini, here are some of my thoughts on a few aspects of this camera;



The NX mini was designed to be a stylish compact camera but still feature rich, this is true to a certain extent, yes the body of the camera is very slim and it's leatherette 'skin' on the camera makes it stand out from the rest but it's kit lens tend to make it bulgier than it should be. There were many times where I tried to put it in my back pockets only to have the lens poking out when I accidentally pushed the power button when trying to readjust it's position on my pockets.

Although white isn't my favourite color when it comes to tech gadgets (mainly because I'm a mess of a person and tend to get down and dirty when it comes to photography) thankfully the NX mini comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste (personally I'd go for either the black or the brown varient) :


As a tech oriented person, I for one prefer usability over style any day. A quote I once heard goes like this "Fun wears off, cool wears off, usefulness doesn't". The NXmini can certainly hold it's own against most of the situations. Nowadays I'll just take the NXmini out with me whenever because 1) it takes better photos than my smartphone 2) it's lightweight and unintrusive 3) I don't need to fret about pre-setting the exposure/shutter/etc before passing it to a friend to help take a photo because it's that simple to operate

One of my favorite features on the camera would definitely be the 180 degree angled touch screen. I'm able to take selfies easily and not need long arms, this is partly due to the wide angled lens. The NFC share feature definitely made sharing on my social media much easier with only a tap required to transfer them to my smartphone.


More photo samples :

One can only write so much about how good a camera is, I can go on and on and list 100 things about why this camera is good etc, but let's not go there and just check out some of the photos that was taken using the Samsung NX Mini.

Taken while the LRT was operating

Taken in low-light conditions at a club during a wine tasting session.

Taken at another club in near zero light conditions with flash turned on

Taken at Meteora Cafe, trying to balance photos between the dark and light areas

Taken at the swimming pool area of my place, the wide angle makes it possible to take two blocks at once.

It does close-up shot reasonably well as well

Here's fluffy the hedgehog

I've also been using the NX-mini for my product reviews

Taken at Genting Awana Resort during midnight, with a combination of long shutter exposure and remote viewfinder / activation using my smartphone.

The NX Mini retails at RM1399 with the 9mm and can be found in any Samsung Outlets nationwide.