Friday, December 19, 2014

H-Artistry KL 2014 @ Mines Convention Centre

H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing, shook the grounds of KL once again, we were treated to an epic night of performances and hard beats. The super-clubbing experience took it up a notch in this instalment, delivering an awesome production unlike any other and showcasing an outstanding visual innovation. Another awesome party experience from H-Artistry

We arrived pretty early and all dressed up to party. The dress code was red so we were all decked out in red

All photos that night were taken with HTC One M8 because I'm too lazy to sneak in my camera with the oversized flash

After the entrance of the party we were whisked off to the H-Artistry Experience (or something like that, can't recall the exact name) where we were given wireless headphones and a glass of Hennessey. We were given a light and music show that were synced up. 

It was building up to an awesome night and we were seated directly in-front of the stage so we had front-stage view of the performances

 The performance by Japanese group CREAM. Which were pretty good especially with the hot backup dancers :P. The guy reminds me of the fresh prince of bel-air somehow (from his MVs). Considering how unknown they were to me up to this point. Their song was pretty catch especially the one titled Shooting Star and.

 A selfie attempt being thwarted by friends and a stoning girlfriend.

Another one of the main acts, MKTO. At this point the place was crowded in a sea of people getting their grooves on.

 Another selfie attempt as everyone was getting buzzed.

 The night ended up with local acts Imma Bleep You Up waving their flag signifying the end of the ride, and we slowly stumbled out of the place and into Ben's room to sober up before heading off. Remember kids, don't drink and drive. 

A final photo with Kahmon, who was getting difficult and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming afterwards. We definitely had another great time at H-Artistry, though we didn't bump into as much friends as I hoped to due to the packed place. Here's to another great H-Artistry.


Penguin said...

This is the best function room in the city. The food they served was warm, fresh and tasty, and the panoramic window is a sight to behold on a clear day. The main hall of the convention center was similar to a club/lounge – however, it had more of an intimate feel.

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