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Guinness Amplify: Curates – Jumero


Guinness Amplify: Curates - Jumero Album Launch
Date: Friday 21st August 2015
Venue: Laundry Bar, The Curve
Performers: Jumero (Headline Act), Crinkle Cut, Natallie Ng

Guinness Amplify is a music platform from Guinness that focuses on supporting local Malaysian musicians. 

Guinness Amplify: Curates is a series of smaller shows under the Amplify banner, designed to keep the focus on Malaysian music throughout the year. It supports local artists with events like album launches etc, with one band headlining and choosing their own support acts to share the stage with.
This is the second Guinness Amplify: Curates show, the first being the launch of Froya’s debut album ‘Panic Bird’, back in May.

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Self described "Acoustic hippie beach pop band", Jumero launched their first album titled "Stepping Stones" at Guinness Amplify. Their band consist of three members Jared Lim, Michael Lim and Ryan Gomes

However they were not alone that night as two other bands were brought in as their opener. Namely Natallie Ng (two L's) and Crinkle Cut

The first opener. Natallie Ng serenaded the crowd with her sweet  and gently voice, performing a few cover songs as well as a few of her own songs. Such as Mr. Grumpy and Afraid, the latter which I specially enjoyed. With just a few short songs I was already a fan, it was hard not to. Seeing how her on-stage personality was so bubbly and cheerful.

Natallie's ensemble includes a violist which gave a somewhat sentimental feel to her songs.

The next opening act Crinkle Cut, played a more soulful' set list though there was a few technical glitches during their first song, they pulled thru and managed to impress the crowd.

Consisting of 4 members,Crinkle Cut is comprised of Frances Thomas as vocalist, Melissa Wong on guitar (shoutout to her sassyness), percussionist Ashley Choong and Grace Foo on the keyboard/keytar (though she wasn't present for that night and someone else was standing in for her)

Finally after the 2 have finished their sets, the headliners of the evening showed up and woo'ed the crowd with their laid-back songs.
Jared Lee, Ryan Gomez and Michael Lim on stage doing their thing. Setting the chill and laid-back tone as they are known for. Though it's worth noting that they aren't wearing sandals anymore.

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