Monday, October 5, 2015

Fish & Co's Latest Set Lunch Meal

A few weeks back we had the chance to tried out Fish&Co's lunch menu, initially I made the jakun assumption thinking it was Manhattan Fish Market, can't blame me. Seeing how both establishment has the same nautical theme.

So what's happening with Fish&Co? Currently they're offering a lunch set which starts from RM11.95 that's available from 11:30am to 5:30pm

Continue reading to see what they're offering on their menu

We had our 'lunch' set at their Pavilion branch, they have other outlets all over Klang Valley at locations such as 1U, Paradigm Mall, The Mines, and many more
They were preparing for some kind of party it seems, or probably a corporate event hence the many rows of tables and chairs.




So what do they serve for their lunch set? Starting from RM11.95 :


and if you're feeling a bit more 'hungry' (and have a deeper pocket to burn) you can opt for these :


All sets also come with a drink.

So for our 'lunch' set, we've ordered the Grilled Salmon Cajun Style & Artic Fish and Chips. (Notice the repeated air quotes, it's because we were having it at night time.)

Grilled Salmon Cajun Style (RM25.95)

The priciest set on the menu because salmon isn't cheap, due to it's high demand and low supply (depending on whether it's farm-raised or caught in the wild)

Artic Fish and Chips (RM17.95)

I'm not sure why it has the name artic in it, but they pretty much stayed true to the name because the sides did feel 'Artic',

So how did the meal fare? Honestly it wasn't filling enough for me to consider it a daily haunt for my lunch breaks. Considering that the cheapest set starts off at RM11.95 has no fish in it. But for what it's worth, Fish&Co's dishes are marginally cheaper than Manhattan, so they have that going for them 

I have never tried Fish&Co's main menu though, so that might be a different post for another day.

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