Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Heineken Green Experience & Sundown Party @ CIMB Classic

The Heineken Green Experience & Sundown Party @ CIMB Classic
Venue : KLGCC (Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club)

Never would I have thought of partying in a golf course, but earlier this month Heineken organized exactly that. 

Enter the Heineken Green Experience (Because golf courses are mostly green, geddit geddit?)


Guests were treated with a grandstand view of the CIMB Classic tournament at the Heineken Green Experience hospitality marquee, which was situated at the 14th Green, West Course of KLGCC. Those that are overly sensitive to the hot afternoon sun can watch the tournament at the Green Experience tent while enjoying an ice-cold pint of Heineken Extra Cold


Also Heineken introduced an innovative concept with their Heineken headphones, which offers a different approach for consumers to enjoyh golf. The wireless headset, which used high-range radio frequency technology, enabled guests to enjoy the tournament's commenatries or tune in to music with just a touch of a button. Golf enthusiasts were able to keep themselves up-to-date with the anticipation of the tournament that was happening live at the golf course


Enjoying an ice-cold Heineken while listening to the golf commentaries and actually seeing the golfers play at the course is an awesome experience


After catching a few of that day's game, it came to an end and we transitioned into the next event (which also happens at the same place)


Heineken Sundown Party

Guests were give an exclusive oppoturnity to party on a golf course as Heineken hosted the Sundown Party, bringing together music, performances and Heineken-infused cocktail to celebrate it's collaboration with CIMB Classic.

Working together with world champion mixologist Joshua Ivanovic, known for his illustrious experience in the craft, Joshua created three Heineken infused cocktails that were only made available at the Sundown Party, namely the Michelada, Honey Shandy and Lagerita

One of the Cocktails by Joshua,The  Largerita.

They even brought in some local Youtube talents, Jon Liddel who sang a few covers as will as his debut track Make It Right. Local DJ Xu from Lapsap took on the helm later on as the day grew darker. There were also LED dancers which I didn't really get. 

Local Youtube talent Jon Liddel (with Ryan on the Cajon)

Dj Xu from Lapsap

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