Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tiger White : Expected The Unexpected #3 A Cinematic Experience @ TGV 1 Utama

Well it's been awhile since I last written a new post, but after a long hiatus and contemplation (and a ton of picking up other interests) I've decided to start this blog back up. So what better way to start it up than with an awesome event that I was invited to last weekend :

Tiger White brand ambassadors at the sensational cinematic experience event at TGV Indulge, One Utama

Expect the Unexpected with TIGER WHITE #3

On the 28th of May, Tiger White graciously extended an invite to me to experience an "unexpected" evening of cinematic proportion. How unexpected you say?

Tiger White has been running a campaign where 10 lucky winners will be chosen each round (4 in total and this way the 3rd one) where they will get a unique experience with a twist.

So for this round, the winners were told that they will be getting a movie treat (X-Men Apocalypse) but of course there's a twist to it.... 


Tiger White went up and beyond the call of duty and engaged a personal chauffeur for each and every winner that brought them to and fro the event from their residency. I was pretty stoked as I was being driven around in an Audi S4

I must admit, getting picked up instead of having to drive all the way to 1U is a privilege much less in a sporty Audi

All smiles on the way to the movies!

Upon reaching the destination we were ushered into TGV's Indulge lounge where they've turned the place into a fancy restaurant setting with tables and chairs where we were given light refreshments.

Guests being treated to foot massage (2)
A few dozen masseuse were brought in to treat all contest winners with complimentary back and foot rubs  

After which we were served with a three course dinner before heading into the cinema.

Of course we weren't just going to watch the movie in any standard hall, no way, Tiger White had pulled all the stops and it wasn't holding back any punches. 

2016-05-28 20.31.43
We were going to watch the movie in TGV's Indulge hall, where we had our own reclining chair and a personal comforter. Which honestly was my first time being in that hall so excuse my excitement.

All winners with Selene Ong, Tiger Beer's brand manager before the screening of movie
A group photo of all the winners with Selene Ong, Tiger Beer's brand manager

So that pretty much sums up the fun experience I had last weekend, and if you're even remotely envious of this Tiger White has one final contest to close it's campaign where you and a friend could win a 2 days 1 night camping experience that will be happening next weekend on the 11th of June. Contest mechanics are pretty easy, simply head on over to and answer two simple questions to be in the running.

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